Guide to the Best Shower Head Reviews for 2017

It may not seem like it but a shower head can make all the difference between a great bath time experience and a not-so-great one. It’s important that when buying a new unit for your home, you consider all of your options and what it would take to enhance your bathing experience. The chart below gives you a comparison of the best selling shower heads. We will discuss the many types of units for you to consider…

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Best Shower Head Reviews

How to Change a Shower Head

Shower Head Comparison Chart

moen velocity s6230 rain shower headMoen Velocity S6320 4.7$$$
delta in2ition shower headDelta In2ition Two-in-One 4.2$$
culligan raindisc showerhead with filterCulligan Raindisc Filtered 3.9$
kohler moxie showerhead bluetooth shower speakerKohler Moxie Bluetooth 4.2$$
speakman anystream high pressure shower headSpeakman Anystream High Pressure 4.6$
hansgrohe raindance shower head reviewHansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR 4.7$$$$
oxygenics mickey mouse shower head for kidsOxygenics Mickey Mouse Shower for Kids3.8$
dreamspa color changing light up shower headDreamSpa LED Color Changing Unit4.0$

Reviews of the Top Rated Shower Heads


Handheld units make life easier for a lot of people for a variety of reasons. They give an older person who cannot stand for very long a way to enjoy their daily wash from a bath stool, make it easier to shower young children or pets, and make it very easy to clean a dirty shower. This is because you simply have to remove it from the holder and put it where you need for it to be by holding it.

vida alegria spashower handheld shower head


Another bonus to handheld units is that often they have different spray settings to ensure you get the water pressure that you want. Some offer rainfall settings, massaging or pulsating sprays, or a steady stream of water that you can put where you need it. The different settings are often done by using a dial that you turn, which means you can adjust the settings while you wash to achieve the perfect pressure. We recommend the Vida Alegria Spashower Handheld as its one of the highest rated in its category by consumers.

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Dual Units

The dual head units that are available now is ideal for people who want more from their bath. By having two individual heads installed, you have the option to enjoy the type of shower you want to experience. You can choose to have a handheld along with a rainmaker unit, a handheld and a standard, a waterfall unit with a rainmaker, and many other combinations.

ana bath combo shower head

You have them work together at the same time so that you get an all over spray of water, even in low water pressure homes. Alternatively, you can make it so that with a simple flip of a switch, you have the spray and pressure you desire. You can have the handheld for your little one and the rainfall option for yourself with water coming at you from all directions at once. The options are endless with a dual head unit. Our favorite is the Ana Bath 5 Function Handheld Combo System that allows you to use each head independently of each other.

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LED & Light Up

An LED shower head makes use of LED lights to create a unique atmosphere for your bathroom. It takes a basic bath and makes it something extraordinary. They do not use batteries, they simply use the water pressure that you already have in the shower. Some of them are designed to change colors based on the temperature of your water to help ensure little ones do not get burned by it. Some are designed to purely create a certain ambiance that is missing in home bathrooms.

hotelspa color-changing led rainfall shower head

Whichever type you decide on, it is certainly going to make it easier to get kids to want to take their bath each day and perhaps give you a renewed outlook on taking what would otherwise be just a routine part of your daily life. The fact that they are water powered LED lights also means that you do not have to worry about electricity or replacing bulbs often. One of the most popular LED units is the HotelSpa Giant 10″ Color-Changing LED Rainfall as pictured above.

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It is likely you enjoyed spending time in the rain on a warm summer’s day as a child. Remember the soothing way that the rain would gently fall down over you? A rain shower is designed to bring back that memory of a gentle rain washing your cares away.

moen velocity 6320 rain shower head

It is a relaxing experience that many adults enjoy waking up to in the morning, but it is also a great way to wind down after a hard day at work or play. It is all in the design. They are often large units that are unpressurized to ensure that when you stand under them, they fall gently over your head and your body. They are easy to clean so that you do not have to worry about hard water build up or anything else taking away the relaxation you feel while taking your daily bath. The Moen Velocity 6320 Rain Shower Head is one of the most raved about options of its kind.

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High Pressure Units

People everywhere enjoy bath time more if there is a lot of pressure in the stream that comes out of the shower head. That is why the high pressure option was designed to give people who lived in a low water pressure home more pressure. They work by storing some water in a pressurized chamber and letting it build up before pushing it out of the unit.

speakman anystream high pressure shower head

Some also have larger holes for the water to come out so that you feel covered more completely by water. Typically, these are also good in areas where hard water is a problem because they resist clogs and are easier to clean than standard units. Some of them may offer different spray settings for you to enjoy. If your current one is leaving little be desired, are you ready to see what a good wash in your home could really feel like? The Speakman Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head is highly praised for its powerful spray performance, but there are many great competitors in its category.

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Low Flow Eco-Friendly

There are a lot of people in the world who are concerned about environmental issues. Pollution and water conservation are very important issues and now it is possible to do a little for the environment each time you bathe in your household. By installing an eco-friendly or a low flow unit in your home, you can cut your water bill and preserve water without sacrificing any of the pressure you want.

high sierra high efficiency low flow shower head

The way it works is it will allow only a certain amount of water to flow into a pressurized chamber. Often the GPM water flow amount will equal about 1.5 GPM, while standard units may use more. By having this water flow into a pressure chamber it still comes out in a stream that you want to be under, but you can stay inside of your shower a little longer without having to worry. Are you ready to start saving water? We recommend the High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Unit to save water and ensure you don’t lose any pressure in the shower.

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Shower Head Water Filters

Many people who do not have a water filtration system in their house have a fair amount of calcium, rust, sand, and other particles in their water supply. Water filtration systems are expensive, so most people with bad water deal with it and sometimes get out of the bath feeling grittier than they should. You would be surprised how much of a difference a shower head filter can make on your water. This is because it removes all of the particles that may be in your water.

culligan filtered shower head

This can leave your skin feeling cleaner, you will need to use less shampoo and conditioners, and more. These filters are easy to install and great to use. Most people who have ditched the hard water in their home, save money in other areas because of the fact that they use less soap and shampoos. Will you enjoy living a little cleaner? The Culligan 10,000 Gal Filtered Showerhead is one of the best selling filters on the market.

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Bluetooth Speakers

There are people who wash and relax in silence, and then there are people who like to sing while they wash. Did you know you have the option to listen to your favorite tunes, and perhaps answer a phone call while drying off? A bath can serve many purposes, beyond getting you clean, if you have a Bluetooth shower head. These connect easily to any Bluetooth enabled computer, tablet, or cell phone.

kohler moxie bluetooth shower head

They bring your favorite music in to the bathroom with you and you will never again have to worry about getting your smart phone wet because you wanted to turn up the volume. This will enable you to sing a little more and perhaps get your young children and teens to take their bath a little more often. The problem may then actually become whether you can get them out or not. It is a great way to have a little more fun for everyone in your home and it is easily installed.

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Kids and Novelty 

It seems like a universal rule that kids and baths should go together, but this is not always the case. In homes everywhere, there are parents who are trying to encourage their kids to feel that it is okay to take a bath and that they are not scary. Showers are often harder than baths because most kids do not want their face or ears to get wet. The kids shower head may be the best way to help your toddler or preschool aged child to know that they can be fun as well. These are pretty unique and not something you would necessarily find at your local Home Depot.

submarine play station hand shower for kids

These specially designed units are often handhelds that have fun characters and many of them have adjustable sprays. Your child can use it themselves in the bathtub to get used to it or you can spray them down and show them that it will not hurt them. Isn’t it worth a try if it makes the transition easier for your child. Consumers love the Submarine Spray Station Bath Toy and Handshower like the one in the photo, but there are many novelty options for your kids and babies.

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How to Change Your Shower Head

Don’t let the thought of changing your shower head intimidate you. Its really quite simple and you shouldn’t need to hire a professional. If you’ve never done it yourself, Wikihow walks you through it step by step or you can watch the video below for a visual.

How Do I Choose The Best Shower Head For Me?

There are a vast amount of options on the market today that can provide an invigorating rainfall experience or filtered units that can put an end to your hard water problems. There are dual shower heads for couples that like to bathe together and there are ones with bluetooth speakers so you can take your favorite playlist into the bathroom with you. There are water saving systems for eco-friendly folks and there are high pressure heads for low water pressure homes. We all know there is nothing worse than having zero water pressure that can hardly get the suds out of your hair.

There are so many types for you to explore and the best shower head really depends on what you, the consumer, is looking for. It’s a personal thing. If you aren’t quite sure what that is just yet, the Bath Professor is full of informational guides and reviews to fit every budget.