Best Low Flow Shower Heads for Saving Water

As many of us move toward living green, we are keenly aware of our environment as well as the many ways which we may be able to recycle and conserve. Water is one of the necessities of life and also one of the most critical for conservation.   There are many ways to conserve water such as turning off the water while you brush your teeth.   Adding this small easy step to your morning and evening ritual can save up to four gallons per minute. On average, that’s about 20 gallons per day per person! Also, taking showers instead of baths can dramatically save water. A full bathtub can require up to 70 gallons of water. And since we’ve already decided that showering saves water, we can take it one step further. It’s simple; just install a low flow shower head.

high sierra high efficiency low flow shower headHigh Sierra High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head4.7$
niagara water saver shower headNiagara 1.5gpm Chrome Water Saver Shower Head4.5$
moen eco performance low flow shower headMoen One-Function Eco Performance Shower Head4.1$
american standard low flow shower headAmerican Standard Flowise 3-Function Water Saving Shower Head4.2$
zenfresh filtration water saving shower headZenFresh Filtration High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head3.8$

These water saving shower heads are plentiful, and with so many to choose from, it may be difficult to decipher which is the best low flow shower head for you. To make the task of choosing one that best fits your needs, we have outlined a few of the top low flow shower heads on the market today.

Top 5 Water Saving Shower Heads

ZenFresh Filtration High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head

zenfresh filtration water saving shower headThe ZenFresh Filtration Water Saving Shower head seems to have it all! This little darling will have the most enthusiastic environmentalists dancing with delight. With a water filtration system actually built into the handheld shower head, this water saving shower head does more than just save water. Armed with three layers of spheres which have been mineralized, this shower head also reduces the impurities in your water while you shower. Let’s look at the list of benefits offered by the ZenFresh:

  • Filtered body spray which offers purified water; rejuvenates skin
  • Eco Friendly; great for the environment
  • Laser perforated technology; saves water without sacrificing water flow and pressure
  • Low flow shower head offers luxury with a spa like experience
  • Smooth skin and reduction in oil secretion with bioactive stones which assist in restoring balance and increased cell viability
  • Easy Installation; connects to most standard hoses in just minutes


Moen One-Function Eco-Performance Shower Head

moen eco performance low flow shower head The Moen 6300EP 1 function Eco-Performance shower head is a no-frills, get to business, water saving shower head. With a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute, this shower head is ranked at the top when it comes to the best water saving shower heads. This shower head is uniquely styled for both traditional as well as contemporary bathrooms. Meeting EPA WaterSense guidelines, it helps conserve water as well as save money without sacrificing performance. The following is a list of features offered with the Moen One-Function Shower head:

  • One Function full spray shower head
  • 75 GPM flow rate
  • Spray face is non metallic
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Approved by WaterSense, a program which is sponsored by the EPA
  • Perfectly balanced water pressure

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The High Sierra High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

high sierra high efficiency low flow shower headThe High Sierra High Efficiency Low Flow shower head is just that; highly efficient! It has a desirable low flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute and is among the newly and highly innovative efficient green shower heads offered. The High Sierra water saver shower head includes a patented technology which is able to create a spray that feels much more powerful while potentially saving a great deal of money. Here are the benefits of owning The High Sierra Low Flow Shower head:

  • Strong powerful spray
  • Solid metal with polished chrome finish
  • Non-Clogging
  • Patented nozzle can deliver a full spray with large drops
  • Save 40% plus on water and the energy it takes to heat the water
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Quality Materials which are built to last in the USA


The Niagara 1.5 GPM Chrome Water Saver Shower Head

niagara water saver shower headThe Niagara Low Flow Shower head is quite simple and to the point. With a 1.5 gallon per minute flow rate, this shower head definitely meets the criteria for a water saving shower head. This Niagara Chrome shower head includes a turbo massage setting, making it hard to believe that it is actually a low flow shower head. Here are some of the other features that come with the Niagara Turbo Massage Shower head :

  • Saves money; uses up to 40% less water
  • Patented technology ensures a high pressure feel
  • Flow rate is consistent regardless of existing water pressure
  • Adjustable 9 jet shower head which rotates from a gentle spray to a turbo massage
  • Settings include: Needle, Massage, and a Combination of both
  • Constructed of sturdy ABS thermoplastic; guaranteed for 10 years
  • Easy to follow instructions and installation


American Standard FloWise 3-Function Water-Saving Shower Head

american standard low flow shower headThe American Standard FloWise Water Saving Shower head offers an exclusive technology of turbines, providing an invigorating shower while, at the same time, saving money. With American Standard, there is no need to give up a satisfying shower just for the sake of saving money. Shown below in the list of features, this water efficient shower head masterfully offers three ways to conserve water:

  • Three function shower head offers 3 distinct spray patterns
  • Turbine spray, full spray, combination spray
  • Fully adjusts to angle the spray to adapt to your individual body height and position
  • FloWise 3 includes exclusive automatic-turn feature which reverts back to 1.5 gallons per minute each time the shower is turned off
  • Turbine technology; invigorating shower with 40% water savings
  • Evenly dispersed water pattern for a consistent energizing flow
  • Average family of 4 can save up to 8,000 gallons per year with the American Standard FloWise

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Going green has never been easier for environmental enthusiasts and the average consumer alike. Recycling valuable resources and conserving water plays a role in most of our lives today. With the many ways to conserve water, installing a water-saving low flow shower head is among the easiest and most convenient. Leaving the bathtub behind and opting for a shower instead, these water efficient shower heads can help each of us do our part. Conserving water for the environment as well as saving money for ourselves; we create a win-win outcome for everyone. With multiple low flow shower heads to choose from, it’s easy to be informed with this comprehensive and detailed list of the best low flow shower heads.