Guide to the Best Walk-in Tubs and Prices

Walk-in tubs and walk in tub shower combos are a must for the elderly or anyone suffering from some type of mobility disability that will not allow them to bathe easily or to just simply ease the mind of loved ones. With a walk in tub, you will no longer have to worry about the elderly slipping and falling when they are entering or exiting the shower. Most falls occur when the disabled or elderly are entering/exiting the shower by having to “step” over the tub and losing their balance. All of the walk in bathtub reviews received high marks as meeting and exceeding all of the user’s expectations. The cost of a walk in tub prices can range from anywhere to as little as about $2,000 or as high the mid $6,000 range. This may sound outrageous at first, but you have to take in consideration the alternative option: assisted living facilities. A lot of the elderly are placed in assisted living residential communities for the sole reason that they are unable to bathe in their existing shower/bathroom area. In some cases, this could be avoided with the simple addition of a walk-in bathtub.

Walk-in bathtubs provide many benefits. They can prevent injuries, not just for elderly, in the form of a broken hip, knee replacement or even a dislocated shoulder. They also provide therapeutic uses, such as massaging jets for arthritis. In most of the walk in tubs, you have the ability to move and place the massaging jets to a specific place on the problem area of the body. People suffering with some type of mobility issue can also benefit from the use of a walk in tub. The disabled are able to enter the walk in tub with no assistance, take a seat, close the door, turn on the water, and fill the walk in bath tub to the desired level. The maximum amount of water a walk in bath tub is around 60-80 gallons of water, which is around 800 pounds give or take a few . (the walk in tubs on average take about 120 seconds to drain. Some walk in tubs are quicker than others.)

Deluxe Dual Massage Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub

best walk in tub reviewsbest walk in tub reviewsbest walk in tub reviews

The Deluxe Dual Massage Acrylic walk-in bathtub has a dual drain system that allows the water to drain from the tub in as little as 80 seconds. This is important as many people forget that in a walk-in tub, you cannot exit the tub until the water is drained (if you open the door —> water everywhere!). It is equipped with an air massage system with 10 therapeutic jets and a Hydro Massage System with 12 jets for ultimate relaxation therapy. This is a left drain tub with 5 star rating from reviewers. Read more => 

Left Drain Air & Whirlpool Fully Loaded Walk in Bathtub

best walk in bathtub reviews

The Arista left drain walk in tub is fully loaded with all of the luxury features you could want in a walk in bathtub. It has 12 water jets that can be moved and placed in the direction that works best. They are powered by a 1 HP water pump. It also has 20 air bubble massage injectors powered by a 1 HP air blower. Different colors light up the tub when you turn it on. Overall it rates very high among users and for a great price. Read more =>

Ariel Bath Soaker Walk in Tub

ariel bath soaker walk in bath

Ariel Bath is a respected name in the world of bathroom products and fixtures, and if you’ve experienced one of their walk in bathtubs then you’d understand why. This is one of the more simpler units, the soaker, therefore it has no jets. Features include a safety grab bar, a slip resistant bottom, and an accessories deck on top to hold your soaps and shampoos. Although it doesn’t have all of the extra options, its a great tub for those on a budget. Read more =>

It is recommended to have a walk in tub professionally installed unless you have electrical and plumbing experience. You will need to take the following issues into consideration and have the following questions answered. Can the area maintain the weight? Is the area level? Can your electrical panel handle a dedicated circuit? And does the dedicated circuit need to be rated or the same brand as your electrical panel in order to work? Your electrical GCFI will need to be a 30 amp (which is not common) or take into consideration prior to having a walk in tub installed in your residence and obtain some estimates for the prices on having the walk in tub installed as to avoid any surprises. Not only should the installation be taken into account but the question of how much is a walk in tub be asked by all parties involved in making the final purchase price decision.