Reviews of the Best Double Shower Head Systems

Dual Shower Head Systems are quickly becoming more popular. You may be wondering why these modernistic double shower heads are so useful. Why would anyone really find it necessary to have two shower heads in one shower? Is it crucial to have a spacious two person shower in order to make good use of a dual shower head? Let me clear things up for you and present all of the reasons one might find these luxurious dual shower head systems, not only advantageous, but also practical. Consumers find these double headed showers useful for everything from couples showering together to bathing the dog with less mess and more convenience.

zoe industries neptune dual shower headZoe Industries Neptune Dual Shower Head4.2$$
grohe freehander dual shower headGrohe Freehander Dual Shower Head4.3$$$$
akdy rainfall dual shower headAKDY Luxury Rainfall Dual Shower Head4.0$$
ana bath combo shower headAna Bath Combo Shower Head System4.6$$
hydroluxe two in one showerHydroluxe 3-way 2-in-1 Shower Head4.3$

I will also spend a little time highlighting five of the top double shower head systems available to consumers today.

Hydroluxe 2 in 1 Double Shower Head System

hydroluxe two in one shower

This Hydroluxe Two-in-One dual shower head system seems to have everything you could ask for. The double showerhead can be used together while both heads are still attached to the wall. But one of the best features is that this convenient style showerhead also offers a handheld component that can be used without cutting the water supply from the stationary showerhead. This appears to be a detail that is valuable for couples showering together, especially in a small space. This attractive all chrome finished beauty comes complete with an impressive 24 function system which allows for high-powered pressure for those wanting a therapeutic water massage. The lighter pressure settings include a gentle stay-warm mist as well as an economical water-saving setting. The Hydroluxe double shower head is among some of the lower priced systems, and it gets a 4.5 rating from consumers based on quality, value, and ease of installation. Read more =>

Grohe Freehander Dual Shower Head

grohe freehander dual shower head

The Grohe Freehander Shower System with concealed fitting is among some of the upscale pricier models. It is rated at a 4.1 by customers who have purchased the system. This dual head shower offers 18 spraying combinations, and each head is capable of rotating 360 degrees, making it simple to direct the flow of water where necessary. The Grohe double headed shower is reported to be less than ideal for a two person shower unless two systems are installed which would result in doubling the price of a system that most would consider to be expensive in the first place. For those of you looking for a high pressure dual shower head system, this may not be the best shower head for you. This one is reported to be much more gentle, even on the highest setting. Read more reviews =>

Neptune Dual Shower Head

zoe industries neptune dual shower head

The Neptune Dual Shower Head rates 4.4 and is among the lower priced double headed showers. Buyers love the contemporary look of this stylish dual head shower head. Because each shower head swivels and adjusts separately, users report that this product is perfect for couples showering together. The three position spray pattern varies from a slightly soft spray to a full stream, and the water pressure experienced by most makes for a great massage or a relaxing soaking shower. The spray settings for this dual head shower can be individually regulated, but one shower head cannot be turned off, allowing only one to operate. Some consumers report that they like the option of being able to take the flow restrictors out to enjoy even more water pressure from this dual shower head system, and the general consensus is that installation is quite easy. Read more =>

Ana Bath Handheld Shower & Shower Head Combo System

ana bath combo shower head

Buyers have rated this lower priced double headed shower at 4.5. Like the Hydroluxe dual shower head, the Ana Bath double shower head also has the handheld option for one shower head while the other stays connected to the fixture. Both heads are 5 inches in diameter and come complete with 5 different spray patterns. Consumers note that installation is simple and straightforward. One of the perks often mentioned by happy clients is that after several years of use, the dual head shower is still operating like new. Another selling point for this model is the fact that you can shut the flow off to one of the heads and still use the other. In other words, both of the dual shower heads work independently of the other. It seems that most costumers are in agreement that the lesser price coupled with the high quality of this esthetically pleasing double headed shower creates an undeniable value.

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AKDY Bathroom Luxury Rainfall Dual Shower Head

akdy rainfall dual shower head

The AKDY Bathroom Luxury Rainfall Style Dual Shower Head looks like it could be something from the future. It has a unique and interesting style that appeals to trendy buyers who are looking for a very modern design. The smaller component of this dual shower head is also a handheld sprayer. Like the other handheld models, this feature makes it easy for couples showering together. The AKDY luxury rainfall dual shower head has an average rating of 4.4. It is reported to be an extremely good value based on excellent quality, a good price, and simple to follow instructions for installation. Users describe the water flow to be gentle and soothing like a rainfall shower head, with a little less pressure. Even so, buyers report being satisfied with their purchase of this appealing double shower head.


As you can see, there are many options for dual shower head systems on the market today. Finding just the right one for your budget, however large or small, has never been easier. Whether you are looking for double shower heads that are made for a two person shower to benefit couples showering together or you are searching for a handheld double shower head to turn your shower into a temporary dog bath; you won’t have to look far.